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What’s in the report

Our databases collect information on vehicles from thousands of sources, including government, partnerships, dealerships, repair shops, insurance companies and more.

This allows us to compare data across each of the sources for your car type and history, giving us an understanding of the market value compared to similar vehicles.

The report also tracks information on a vehicles past, consolidating it in a single place, so there are no hidden surprises. The report will also calculates factors like required maintenance or fuel consumption, to understand exactly how much it costs to drive over the years.

Real market value

based on the condition, mileage, included warranty and maintenance

market value
total cost of ownership
Total cost of ownership

Depreciation, financing, consumables, maintenance and repair cost.


Check 7 common issues, like theft, total loss, mileage tampering, accidents and recalls


Detailed vehicle inspection that tells you what repairs are needed now and in the next 12 months

Get the best deal

Buy or sell for the real market value


Frequently asked questions

The Vehicle Report gives you all the important information you need to decide whether to buy the vehicle or not, and at what price.
It gives you relevant details about the vehicle specifications, its history and the current market value. It also gives you an estimation of the total cost of ownership.
With this information you can negotiate better or avoid costly mistakes, like buying a car that is actually from a different production year, or buying a car that has been imported and had some serious previous damages, or buying a vehicle for much more than it’s worth.

We are confident to say that our data is the most accurate, by quite a long way.
We have been researching vehicle specifications and market values for over a decade. We collect, clean, normalize, aggregate, compare and analyze millions of data-points per day. In fact, we collect more information, from a wider variety of sources than any other service. We also use artificial intelligence to identify movement in prices and we employ in-house researchers who check and verify our data everyday to make sure that we can give you the most accurate and comprehensive data about your vehicle.
As is always the case when using external sources some errors may exist. We try to minimize this by using many different sources and enforcing strict quality controls.
If you do find some errors in our data please let us know, and we’ll be sure to correct those immediately, and of course provide you with a full refund for that report.

One Vehicle Report costs AED 79
If you buy 3 reports, you pay just AED 69 per report
If you buy 5 reports, you pay just AED 59 per report
If you buy 10 reports, you pay just AED 49 per report
If you buy 20 reports, you pay just AED 39 per report
And if you buy 50 reports, you pay just AED 35 per report

* All prices are inclusive of VAT

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