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About Vehicle Report

The Vehicle Report gives you all the important information you need to decide whether to buy the vehicle or not, and at what price.
It gives you relevant details about the vehicle specifications, its history and the current market value. It also gives you an estimation of the total cost of ownership.
With this information you can negotiate better or avoid costly mistakes, like buying a car that is actually from a different production year, or buying a car that has been imported and had some serious previous damages, or buying a vehicle for much more than it’s worth.

Our vehicle reports enable you to check a car’s accident history in the UAE. Enter the vehicle’s VIN to get a full report, including any accidents in the USA, Canada, or Europe. You can also check accident history via the Dubai RTA or Abu Dhabi police websites

Choosing a used car in the UAE is easier with detailed information about the vehicle. This includes its history, maintenance status, and total ownership costs. Read our blog for tips on buying used cars in Dubai and beyond to make an informed decision.

Our data is highly accurate, backed by over a decade of research into vehicle specifications and market values. We collect, clean, and analyze millions of data points daily from a wide variety of sources.

Using AI and in-house researchers, we ensure the data’s accuracy and comprehensiveness. While some errors may exist, we minimize them with strict quality controls.

If you find any errors, please inform us, and we’ll correct them and provide a full refund for that report

A single Vehicle Report costs AED 99, including VAT.
Purchase 3 reports at AED 89 each or 5 reports at AED 79 each, inclusive of VAT

Absolutely. Our website and payment gateway are secure, encrypting all your information to protect it from unauthorized access.

No, we do not store your credit card information. Your card details are securely transferred to the payment merchant using SSL encryption.

Your Vehicle Report link remains active for 30 days. You can also access it through your account on the Vehicle Report website.

Providing the necessary details takes just 2 minutes. Once we receive this information and confirm your payment, the report is generated instantly.

You can find your purchased reports in the ‘My Account’ section on our website.


To log in, you need to register first. Click the sign-in/sign-up link in the top navigation to start the registration process.

Go to the My Account section from the top navigation to find the Change Password option. Alternatively, click this link to change your password if you are already logged in

To reset your password, click the sign-in link in the top navigation, then the "Forgot your password?" link. Provide your account email address, and we will send instructions to reset your password

Go to the My Account page to view your purchased reports.

Re-send the authentication email/code from the My Profile page. If you still do not receive it, contact our support using this link, and we will assist you as soon as possible

Click this link to fill out our contact form. Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and Specifications

The vehicle identification number (VIN) is a unique 17-character code (digits and capital letters) that identifies your vehicle. Read more about VINs and VIN checks in our blog.

The VIN is usually located below the front windshield on the driver’s side dashboard or on the driver’s side door pillar. It can also be found on the vehicle’s registration card.

Use any vehicle’s VIN number to get a detailed vehicle history. Locate your VIN on the car and enter it on our site to generate a comprehensive report.

Providing the VIN is not mandatory but is strongly recommended for checking external databases for records of import, accidents, and damages, which affect the vehicle’s market value.

Confirming the exact trim/spec of your vehicle can be done through the vehicle’s owner manual, the original invoice, or details listed on the vehicle. Verifying engine size, horsepower, number of seats, and doors can also help confirm the trim.

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